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Natural Soap Sales


  • Almond Bon Bon Natural Soap (Clearance)

    Almond Bon Bon Natural Soap (Clearance) $4.00

    Almond Bon Bon has the Delicious Aroma of Almonds soaked in vanilla and dipped in golden honey. A delectable aroma.  Discontinued aroma now on Clearance...

  • Baby Photo from:

    Baby Powder Fresh Natural Soap (Clearance) $6.50 $4.00

    Baby Powder Fresh is a pure, heavenly scent.......Fresh, soft and gentle , the actual fragrance oil scent is a blend of many different essential oils; Rosewood, Geranium, Palmarosa, Lavender, Roman chamomile, Ylang...

  • Cup Photo from: Coffee #1 Ltd

    Cafe Latte Natural Soap (Clearance) $6.50 $4.00

    Café Latte is the scent of a richly fragrant cup of delicious coffee, topped with Sweet Cream, blended with delectable Caramel and crowned with touches of warm, sensual Vanilla. Discontinued aroma now on...

  • Frangipani (Clearanced)

    Frangipani (Clearanced) $6.50 $4.00

    Frangipani is an Exotic Hawaiian tree which grows a Beautifully Fragrant flower called Plumeria. The fragrance of Plumeria is an exotic but delicate floral aroma. As with all of our soaps, this has a creamy, bubbly lather...

  • Fresh & Vibrant

    Fresh & Vibrant $4.00

    With the clean top notes of Fresh Aloe, Summer Pear and Neroli wonderfully blended with the warm base note of Ginger, the only two words fit enough to describe the aroma of this soap are “Fresh and Vibrant”. A...

  • Green Tea with Ginger (Clearance Soap)

    Green Tea with Ginger (Clearance Soap) $6.50 $4.00

    We combined the light, fresh, soothing aroma of Green Tea with the warm, spicy scent of Ginger and added a subtle hint of Sweet Honey for a Comforting and Confident fragrant soap. A discontinued aroma now on clearance...

  • Honey Dew Melon (Clearance)

    Honey Dew Melon (Clearance) $4.00

    The aroma of Honey Dew Melon is Light, sweet and very refreshing….....a juicy treat! A discontinued aroma Now on Clearance...

  • HOT Chocolate Natural Soap

    HOT Chocolate Natural Soap $6.50 $5.00

    With the scrumptious aroma of Chocolate, caressed softly with undertones of Vanilla, this bar is HOT, on fire with our Tribal Members. This amazing bar washes your skin clean with creamy bubbly lather while leaving an...

  • Key Lime Natural Soap

    Key Lime Natural Soap $6.50 $4.00

    Key Limes have a distinct aroma, a strong citrusy scent that is slightly spicy. As a Natural Soap, the aroma is so fresh, clean and invigorating. Makes a wonderful Soap fragrance! * Perfectly great soap, wonderful...

  • Lilac Basket Photo From:

    Lilac Natural Soap (clearance) $6.50 $4.00

    Some have described Lilacs as "heaven on a spring day." Lilac's aroma is quite heavenly, much like a sweet rose but with a heavier vanilla undertone. Discontinued aroma now on...

  • Magnolia Bloom Natural Soap  (Clearance)

    Magnolia Bloom Natural Soap (Clearance) $6.50 $4.00

    The scent of Magnolia is a unique, intoxicating and sweet floral aroma. The Magnolia tree is associated with nobility, perseverance, dignity and a love of nature. The flowers have different meanings,depending on their...

  • Orchid Petal Natural Soap (Clearance)

    Orchid Petal Natural Soap (Clearance) $6.50 $5.00

    Enticingly light, delicately floral, the aroma of Orchid Petal is elegant, feminine and lovely. Discontinued aroma now on Clearance...

  • Pomegracious (Clearance)

    Pomegracious (Clearance) $6.50 $4.00

    The fragrance of our pomegranate soap is a subtle, distinct, bright aroma which mingles the fresh powdery scent of its rind around the sweet, tart and winery aroma of its seeds. The Pomegranate is native to...

  • Sweet Wine Natural Soap (Clearance)

    Sweet Wine Natural Soap (Clearance) $6.50 $4.00

    Delicately fragrant, softly citrusy, Pinot Grigio wine was combined with luscious lilac for a full-bodied, slightly sweet, comforting aroma. Discontinued aroma now on...

  • Watermelon Natural Soap (Clearance)

    Watermelon Natural Soap (Clearance) $6.50 $4.00

    Bright, fruity and softly sweet, this watermelon aroma is so refreshing and invigorating, perfect for a warm sunny day! Discontinued on...