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ALL Natural Bar Soap

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  • Almond Bon Bon Natural Soap (Clearance)

    Almond Bon Bon Natural Soap (Clearance) $4.00

    Almond Bon Bon has the Delicious Aroma of Almonds soaked in vanilla and dipped in golden honey. A delectable aroma.  Discontinued aroma now on Clearance...

  • Caribbean Bay Rum Natural Soap

    Caribbean Bay Rum Natural Soap $5.00

    Our version of Caribbean Bay Rum is slightly reminiscent of Pirates, Sailors and Islanders of old…… Although considered a man's fragrance, because our Caribbean Rum is lighter than most versions, some woman...

  • Cucumber Melon Natural Soap

    Cucumber Melon Natural Soap $6.50 $5.00

    Our Cucumber Melon Soap is a very refreshing, clean, "Spa-Like" fragrance. Fantastic on its own, but for those who are very serious about skin care, match this soap with our Cucumber Melon Body Scrub and your skin will be...

  • European Linen

    European Linen $6.50 $5.00

    The smell of fresh linen is wonderful, the smell of European Linen is simply magnificent! This bar's aroma is a gentle blend of Fresh Linen and Exotic Teakwood, creating a clean, warm scent we could only describe as...

  • Exotic Musk

    Exotic Musk $5.00

    The scent of musk has long been found to be powerfully erotic by many, indeed an incredibly lovely and undeniably smooth, subtly-sweet, fragrance with extremely soft floral undertones. Our Musk Soap was made for men, but...

  • Frangipani (Clearanced)

    Frangipani (Clearanced) $6.50 $4.00

    Frangipani is an Exotic Hawaiian tree which grows a Beautifully Fragrant flower called Plumeria. The fragrance of Plumeria is an exotic but delicate floral aroma. As with all of our soaps, this has a creamy, bubbly lather...

  • Fresh & Vibrant

    Fresh & Vibrant $4.00

    With the clean top notes of Fresh Aloe, Summer Pear and Neroli wonderfully blended with the warm base note of Ginger, the only two words fit enough to describe the aroma of this soap are “Fresh and Vibrant”. A...

  • Fuji Apple

    Fuji Apple $5.00

    This soap bar has a surprisingly delightful aroma. It is fresh and alive, with just the right amount of sweetness…….wonderfully sumptuous, delicately sweet. As with all our Natural Soaps, this is a hard bar,...

  • Glacier Natural Soap

    Glacier Natural Soap $6.50 $5.00

    This Soap is our most popular soap for men, having a Fresh, Masculine Aroma, comparable to "Cool Water" Cologne for men. This soap was featured and scored a rave review in the Seminole Tribune, a US...

  • HOT Chocolate Natural Soap

    HOT Chocolate Natural Soap $6.50 $5.00

    With the scrumptious aroma of Chocolate, caressed softly with undertones of Vanilla, this bar is HOT, on fire with our Tribal Members. This amazing bar washes your skin clean with creamy bubbly lather while leaving an...

  • Key Lime Natural Soap

    Key Lime Natural Soap $6.50 $4.00

    Key Limes have a distinct aroma, a strong citrusy scent that is slightly spicy. As a Natural Soap, the aroma is so fresh, clean and invigorating. Makes a wonderful Soap fragrance! * Perfectly great soap, wonderful...

  • Lilac Basket Photo From:

    Lilac Natural Soap (clearance) $6.50 $4.00

    Some have described Lilacs as "heaven on a spring day." Lilac's aroma is quite heavenly, much like a sweet rose but with a heavier vanilla undertone. Discontinued aroma now on...

  • Candle/incense photo from:

    Meditation Natural Soap $6.50 $5.00

    This relaxing aroma has the sacred aroma of incense with warm undertones of Vanilla candles. Meditation Natural Soap creates a peaceful, balanced and harmonious state...

  • Moon photo From:

    Moonglow Natural Soap $6.50 $5.00

    The glow from the Moon is mystical, even spiritual, it is a phenomenon which occurs when reflected sunlight from our planet illuminates the night side of the moon, bathing it in a soft faint light. Moon glow...

  • New Celebrity Soap Sticks Pack

    New Celebrity Soap Sticks Pack $8.00

    Fun for children, fantastic for travel & a great way to sample our Natural Soap Bars!                      ...

  • Orange Blossom "Neroli" Natural Soap

    Orange Blossom "Neroli" Natural Soap $6.50 $5.00

    Orange Blossom is an intoxicating, delicately sweet and clean, floral aroma, close to the scent of jasmine. Simply lovely.  Orange flowers were omens of purity, innocence and moral virtue in Chinese...