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ALL Natural Bar Soap

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  • Amberwood  Natural Soap

    Amberwood Natural Soap $7.50 $5.00

    Amberwood has a sensual, very sophisticated aroma created out of the delicate blend of Amber, Sandalwood and Teak-wood fragrances. A hard, creamy lather compliments this sensual aroma making this bar...

  • Bayberry Natural Soap

    Bayberry Natural Soap $6.50 $4.75

    A pleasant, warm, comforting aroma, Bayberry soap is a charming fragrance with creamy, bubbly lather and a lotion like after feel. You will love...

  • Blueberry Natural Soap

    Blueberry Natural Soap $6.50 $5.00

    This bar is packed with the smell of sweet, fragrant blueberries. With such a delightful fruity aroma and our premium soap recipe, washing has never been such a wonderful...

  • Breath Easy Specialty Soap

    Breath Easy Specialty Soap $9.50 $7.00

    This soap was specially formulated to help those of you who are suffering with stuffy, clogged sinuses and/or congested lungs from allergies, hay fever, a cold or flu. It is made with various essential oils containing...

  • Cup Photo from: Coffee #1 Ltd

    Cafe Latte Natural Soap (Clearance) $6.50 $4.50

    Café Latte is the scent of a richly fragrant cup of delicious coffee, topped with Sweet Cream, blended with delectable Caramel and crowned with touches of warm, sensual Vanilla. Get it now....Discontinued...

  • Caribbean Bay Rum Natural Soap

    Caribbean Bay Rum Natural Soap $7.50 $5.00

    Our version of Caribbean Bay Rum is slightly reminiscent of Pirates, Sailors and Islanders of old…… Although considered a man's fragrance, because our Caribbean Rum is lighter than most versions, some woman...

  • Celebrity Soap Sticks

    Celebrity Soap Sticks $2.50 $1.00

                         Treat your skin like a star!                   ...

  • Coco Mango Natural Soap

    Coco Mango Natural Soap $6.50 $5.00

    This combination of Coconut and Mango will completely surprise you. It is one of our best selling aromas! Wonderfully comforting Coconut is wrapped with the delightful sweetness of Mango, creating the perfect island...

  • Coconut Lime Natural Soap

    Coconut Lime Natural Soap $6.50 $5.00

    We put the LIME in the COCONUT so YOU could wash it all up.... With the crisp scent of Lime and the exotic aroma of Coconut, this fabulous soap is fresh, clean and revitalizing!...

  • Cucumber Melon Natural Soap

    Cucumber Melon Natural Soap $7.50 $5.00

    Our Cucumber Melon Soap is a very refreshing, clean, "Spa-Like" fragrance. Fantastic on its own, but for those who are very serious about skin care, match this soap with our Cucumber Melon Body Scrub and your skin will be...

  • Dreamy Vanilla Natural Soap

    Dreamy Vanilla Natural Soap $6.50 $5.00

    The warm, alluring aroma of Vanilla eases us into a romantic world where anything is possible. Allow for all possibilities with Dreamy Vanilla Natural Soap...

  • Eucalyptus Specialty Soap

    Eucalyptus Specialty Soap $10.50 $7.00

    With Eucalyptus Essential Oils & Premium Carrier oils...

  • European Linen

    European Linen $6.50 $5.00

    The smell of fresh linen is wonderful, the smell of European Linen is simply magnificent! This bar's aroma is a gentle blend of Fresh Linen and Exotic Teakwood, creating a clean, warm scent we could only describe as...

  • Exotic Musk

    Exotic Musk $5.00

    The scent of musk has long been found to be powerfully erotic by many, indeed an incredibly lovely and undeniably smooth, subtly-sweet, fragrance with extremely soft floral undertones. Our Musk Soap was made for men, but...

  • Frangipani (Clearanced)

    Frangipani (Clearanced) $6.50 $4.00

    Frangipani is an Exotic Hawaiian tree which grows a Beautifully Fragrant flower called Plumeria. The fragrance of Plumeria is an exotic but delicate floral aroma. As with all of our soaps, this has a creamy, bubbly lather...

  • Fresh Aloe Natural Soap

    Fresh Aloe Natural Soap $6.50 $5.00

    You will love the calming, soothing, clean fragrance of Aloe.